Rule 1: Embrace and Appreciate the Changing World. 

DALL-E generated art

This is an absolute prerequisite to being Stubbornly Young.

I am drawn to lots of new technology, and that’s a great way to embrace and appreciate the changing world – particularly because technology initiates or accelerates almost all change.  “Changing world” can be broader to include social trends, political shifts, and scientific breakthroughs because all these are mechanisms of change

A few of the many things I’ve done in pursuit of Rule 1:

  • Had a blast using Chat GBT like a party game to write songs, poems and prose in the company of friends who toss out topics and see what comes back. 
  • Played around with TikTok before removing it based on what seem to be valid security concerns. 
  • Made a failing effort to understand nuclear fusion by watching a few YouTube videos – but I’ve learned enough to be aware of the significance and can talk about it with at the ability to say, “Here’s what impressed me…”
  • Have become pretty good at using Canva cloud-based graphic design software.
  • Researched enough about NFTs to write a blog post, which now needs a revision based on new things I’ve learned.

To be clear, simply staying abreast of the news falls short of the spirit of Rule 1.  In Episode 1 of the Stubbornly Young podcast, guest Mark Schaefer puts it well, “When I see something new, I spend a few minutes grieving: oh my gosh, it’s another thing I have to learn.  Then I get over it and follow my curiosity.” 

I think that’s great advice.  To embrace and appreciate the new world, find things that are interesting to you, then follow your curiosity.


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