Dancing Stupidly

STUBBORNLY YOUNG RULE 8: Try New Things Last week in a live music night club in Cartagena (great way to start a post!), the band was playing a high-energy version of Cuban-Salsa music that compelled one to dance.  I don’t

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Stubbornly Young Can Hurt

I decided that an e-bike would make me lazy – and giving in to laziness because I’ve gotten older isn’t my version of being Stubbornly Young. 

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AI, AI, AI, AI.  Every news outlet, every day, there’s a story about the explosion of Artificial Intelligence and the race by competitors to change our lives, our world.  Actually, I believe it.  I believe all of it.  Artificial intelligence

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Rule 1: Embrace and Appreciate the Changing World. 

This is an absolute prerequisite to being Stubbornly Young. I am drawn to lots of new technology, and that’s a great way to embrace and appreciate the changing world – particularly because technology initiates or accelerates almost all change.  “Changing

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Trend to Embrace – or Stupid Herd Mentality?

I just started watching the Madoff Netflix series and it stimulated thoughts about how people (and I) make “investment” decisions. FoMO (Fear of Missing Out) creates an amazingly strong intersection with greed, and I learned that when I entered the

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Advertisers Don’t Know Us

I saw this ad and the voice in my head screamed, “NOT FOR ME!!” Why? The idea of “Small Groups, Big Adventures” is exactly what I like. But this? Nope.

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My First AI art – My New “Hobby??”

After reading about DALL-E, a quasi-free website that uses artificial intelligence to create original art based on the words a user inputs, I decided to give it a try.  In homage to my wife, I typed this phrase, “peaceful Iowa

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