Stubbornly Young Can Hurt

I recently purchased an upgraded mountain bike to replace my 20-year-old Diamondback.  I was told by my biking friends that I’d love the difference, that it would reawaken my joy of riding.  Before buying it I asked myself, “How much longer will I trail ride, and with that in mind, do I really ride a new bike costing thousands of dollars?”  I also wondered, “Maybe it’s time for an e-mountain bike?”

I decided that I still want to trail ride – that’s partly to foster a Stubbornly Young attitude.  As for an e-bike, I ride my Peloton a lot, so I’m physically capable of riding a non-motorized bike.  I decided that I don’t have the willpower to push myself to a good workout on an e-bike. I would become lazy – and giving in to laziness because I’ve gotten older isn’t my version of being Stubbornly Young.  So, a new me-powered mountain bike.

On my 3rd ride on my new bike, I hit a hidden rut.  I crashed pretty hard – no major injuries, but it hurt.  On an e-bike I’d have hit that same rut, and probably going faster.  I’ve purchased an upgraded helmet and some elbow pads.  Onward.


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