Marketing Guru’s Take on the Stubbornly Young Audience

Welcome to Stubbornly Young, a podcast where host Dave Tabor speaks about relevance in contemporary times with and for people in their fifties, sixties and beyond to maintain their status’ earned, continue to be relevant in a changing world as we age and share a perspective for younger people to follow in our wake.  

Dave’s first guest has been an influence and support towards Dave’s idea of releasing the Stubbornly Young podcast. Mark Schaefer is a Bestselling Author having written nine books on social media, marketing strategies, advertising, and personal branding to name a few. A highly sought-after International Speaker, Mark sits with Dave to talk about important ways of being relevant in a rapidly changing digital work.  

Mark shares three assuring notions to remaining relevant while entering his final third of his career, and ways you can also apply your skills and competencies to continue being relevant and overcoming the fear learning something new in your fifties, sixties and beyond through experimenting and learning to adapt to the times. 


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