Rules for Being Stubbornly Young 

When I think about being Stubbornly Young, there are some key principles that define my outlook.  This is a list only – in subsequent posts, I’ll write about each at length.  Please share yours – I’ll add/remove/modify based on feedback. 

      1. Embrace the new world.  Technology and innovation drives almost all change so use some new tech hardware and software, and lean into learning about technological changes in the world.  It’s a must.

        1. Consume thought provoking content.  My preferred sources are Audible and podcasts – I look for entertaining titles that teach and stimulate me to think outside my box.  

          1. Enjoy the outdoors and physical activity – what’s better to keep the mind fresh and bright than being active, especially outside?   

            1. Don’t talk about medical conditions – this causes people to be taken aback when I say it.  When I explain, some still don’t like it.  I look forward to explaining in more detail.

              1. Be open to the merit of both sides of an issue.  An open mind keeps us fresh – and it’s better for the world. 

                1. Be upbeat, keep sense of humor, and don’t complain.  This is the hardest for me.  

                  1. Learn new things.  This makes me feel alive and creative.  I wrote in a post about experimenting with artificial intelligence-created art. 

                    1. Try new things.  For a “hit” of energetic positivity.  

                      1. Accept that I’ll still make mistakes.  Staying in the game means continuing to be a flawed work in progress.  This takes some getting used to.


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