My First AI art – My New “Hobby??”

After reading about DALL-E, a quasi-free website that uses artificial intelligence to create original art based on the words a user inputs, I decided to give it a try.  In homage to my wife, I typed this phrase, “peaceful Iowa farmhouse in winter.”  The below image was one of a selection of options created by the artificial intelligence engine in 10 seconds.  I think it’s beautiful, and certainly consistent with what I’d said I wanted.

I thought that perhaps I’d want to take up art in my later years.  As useful and as fascinating an AI art engine is, I have to fight feeling discouraged that whatever creative expression I might have wanted to develop in art, a computer can do it better than I’ll ever be able to do.  Will it have “my” style?  No, but I can ask it to create this same picture in the style of Matisse or with pastel (see both below).  

In a Stubbornly Young spirit, I love using this tool – it’s super fun – and, yes, it’s creative!  Of course, human creativity can’t be replaced entirely – so what’s my next move? I’m going to let this sit with me for a while.  You should try Dall-E!


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