Advertisers Don’t Know Us

I saw this ad and the voice in my head screamed, “NOT FOR ME!!”  Why?  The idea of “Small Groups, Big Adventures” is exactly what I like.  But this? Nope. 

These people don’t look all that old – maybe their 60s or early 70s, but they don’t look adventurous at all. First, the fashion – they aren’t dressed for adventure and it seems they could fit in nicely at Disneyland. The ad talks about connecting with locals for the most authentic experience – how can being part of this group feel like an “authentic” experience. 

Maybe I’m completely wrong and the tour company is targeting people just like the ones in the picture. If so, I apologize. I think they are trying to target me and that makes me crazy.

This is what adventure looks like to me.

Cheryl and me on a similar bridge, Costa Rica, 2022

Perhaps Cheryl and I are younger than the age shown in the ad, maybe not (my stubble is gray).  Still, I think there are WAY more of us who are Stubbornly Young for whom a “small group, big adventure” authentic experience looks very different that what advertisers are pitching.


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