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“Wellbeing Champion” on the Stubbornly Young Mindset

Kaitlin Borncamp is a professional nutrition and mindset coach and has the official title of the Wellbeing Champion at consulting firm EY. What intrigued Dave about Kaitlin is that she says the elephant in the room when she’s talking to clients is, always aging. Lots of podcasts talk about physical aging, that’s not what Kaitlin and Dave will be talking about in this episode, however more about mindset as we age. 

Kaitlin shares her knowledge and expertise with Dave about what a mindset coach is, in the context of health and aging, her role as wellbeing champion within professional services consulting firm EY in corporate America and practical strategies that help with collaborating in harmony among different generations in the same workforce. 

As said by Mark Schaefer, bestselling author & international speaker, in the Stubbornly Young podcast, Episode 1: “We need a new mindset for relevance.”

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