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So, maybe I don’t have as much money as I’d like.  I learned to that’s less important than being an experiential billionaire! 

Chris Schembra – the “Gratitude Guru,” mentioned the book “The Experiential Billionaire” during Episode 11 of Stubbornly Young.  I loved the title and asked if he’d introduce me to the authors.  That’s how I found myself having a fulfilling and thought provoking conversation with Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff, co-authors.  I wondered, Why do so many people who have “skydiving” on their bucket list?  Are some of us shaping our dreamed of experiences based on what seems exciting more that what would be meaningful and compelling for us?  This led to a condensed exploration (read the book!) of what will make us truly feel like an experiential billionaire, and how to get there. I’ve discussed this book and my excitement about this episode with many friends, and it always leads to high-energy conversations! Lean in!

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