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International Thought Leader: How Seeing Both Sides of an Issue Keeps Us Stubbornly Young

Episode 4 guest is Steven Hawkins, Global Director of Research for a nonprofit called More in Common. 

I was fascinated by the data being collected around polarized attitudes and immediately thought this could be interesting for you, the Stubbornly Young audience. 

Steven is an impressive guy. He consults for Harvard University, the Aspen Institute, and others, and has co-authored several reports that have been featured over a thousand times in media by presidential candidates on CSPAN, even for a panel at the UN General Assembly. 

He shares valuable and insightful notions regarding generational perspectives, and working towards the idea of keeping an open mind through effective exercises that bring people together and reduce prejudices between generational groups. 

Steven shares real life examples and the notion of increasing absence of building quality community and civic participation in the younger generation because of local and global events of the last 50 years. To have intergenerational interactions and applying intellectual humility to bridge the gap between the younger generation and those in their 50’s and 60’s and have natural interaction and learning about each other is something that is needed to improve mental health and building a stronger social fabric.     

Keep listening after the interview for a bonus conversation at the end of the show where Dave speaks further with Steven where they discuss more on Steven’s own opinions and valuable insights of society and its future beyond the 21st Century and for generations to come.  

Note please, there is an “F-bomb” near the end of the episode.


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