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How to Use Gratitude to Create Life Energy

Creating this episode was SO FUN.  My guest is Chris Schembra, a HUMAN CONNECTION & GRATITUDE SPEAKER – – and the Founder & Chief Question Asker at 7:47, a company that brings people together through orchestrated dinner events.  Chris has written two books – the Wall Street Journal Bestseller GRATITUDE THROUGH HARD TIMES, and his 2nd, GRATITUDE AND PASTA!  Chris is on a mission to cure the epidemic of loneliness and the crisis of disconnection in the modern workplace.  

HUGE, Right?  

A LinkedIn post by Chris caught my attention because he was sharing gratitude about an experience he had in Durango, Colorado – a place I love. 

Then I learned that Chris has a life that’s ALL ABOUT GRATITUDE – HE SPEAKS ABOUT IT, HAS BUILT A REWARDING BUSINESS ABOUT IT. I’ve never been into the woo-woo aspects of gratitude, but I do think people in their 50s, 60s and beyond, like me, are EXPLORING just how they feel about their lives, and how they feel about their relationships with others.  Chris has insights based on observing conversations among thousands of people – and he offers tactics for how the Stubbornly Young can better connect with others. 


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