Episode 5 3000x3000

How to Live Young by Retiring Slow

Dave discovered Vanessa when she was featured in an intriguing Wall Street Journal article by Lisa Bannon called The New Post 60s Career Path. The article sparked his interest about businesses engineered to serve the Stubbornly Young, and reigniting careers in one’s 60s and 70s. Vanessa spoke to Dave about transitioning from the workplace to retirement. It’s a flip of the script on the processes of valued workers retiring from their jobs and what companies can do to leave their legacy and pass on their knowledge to up and coming generations through the notion of “true mentorship.” As the world population moves to living to one hundred years old, Vanessa shares how those entering the retirement can do this as a phase, and how they and the younger generation can work together by exchanging hard and soft skills through mentoring.


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